Hawk Mask


You have probably heard or seen the news about the COVID case at the Bangor Y and the connection to surrounding towns who send students, including Hermon.  They reported to us that a part-time worker tested positive 7 days ago and has yesterday tested negative.  The CDC is involved.  

Any student who met the "close-contact" guidelines of exposure as defined by the CDC would be required to quarantine for 14 days or in this case 7 more days.     

The guidelines do not require any action for people who would be considered secondary contacts (family, friends, classmates...) Below is the flowchart from our handbook.


Should anything more develop or the Y provide us with new information, I will let you know if we have any required action. 

There are no active cases in our schools.  If there were ever a confirmed case in our system, I would use a 2-day reset to allow for the CDC to do their work. 

Thanks.  If you have any specific questions please contact the nurse or building leader.  

Go Hawks!