Kindle Resources

Set-Up Options:

Child Profile: this streamlined homescreen will help students focus on what you’d like them to use. Books and Apps are easily found, Videos will (likely) remain empty and unsearchable, and Characters organizes books by genre.

To set it up, go to Settings, Parental Controls, Household Profiles, and you can add a Child Profile. You can enter a name such as “Student” and select a representative birth date. You can easily Add Content from your Teacher homescreen and I would disable the camera as well. (Everything still works from your account on the device, which should be password protected). (The “hand-curated kid-browser” option is very non-educational.)

To access either account, tap user icon in upper right corner to see the choices.

Parental Controls: simply setting Parental Controls is another option to limit student access to the features you select. You’ll then need to use your password to get to internet, etc. Here’s an article that explains the two choices a bit more. In app purchasing should not be a concern either way.

Whispercast: The library and computer lab are set up to use this Amazon option, and you could be added as a user as well. Advantages are that multiple app/book purchases can be made at a single time, and easily distributed to all your devices once they are registered with this system.

Recommended Apps


AvoKiddo ABC Ride, up to 6 yrs $2.99

Starfall, up to 6 yrs. FREE

Starfall ABC’s, up to 6 yrs. FREE

Starfall Learn to Read, up to 6 yrs. $2.99

Mystery Word Town: Sight Word Spelling, ages 7-12 $2.99

Spelling City, age 7 and up FREE

Reading Rainbow Skybrary Family FREE

Endless Alphbet, up to 6 yrs. FREE

Endless Reader, 5 and up FREE

Writing Wizard, (HWT compatible) $2.99

Hooked on Phonics FREE

Ultimate Reading Comprehension, 3rd-5th FREE


Math Slicer FREE

Peter Pig’s Money Counter FREE

Bugs and Buttons, up to 6 yrs. $2.99

Kids Numbers and Math, up to 7 yrs. FREE

Odd Squad: Blob Chase $0.99

Elmo Loves 123’s FREE

Moose Math PreK-1st $1.99

CyberChase Shape Quest, up to 9 yrs. FREE

CyberChase 3D Builder, age 8 and up FREE

Dragon Box Algebra, age 5 and up $5.99

IXL Math Practice, all levels FREE

Numberjacks 123, primary FREE

Numberjacks 3+4, primary FREE

AB Math Lite, ages 5-10 FREE

Social Studies:

Stack the States $2.99

GeoExpert – USA Geography FREE

World Country Quiz 2016 MX FREE


Pocket Penguins (web cam) FREE


iTooch, 3rd-5th FREE TRIAL

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week FREE

Moby Max K-8 Reading/Math FREE

Viewer for Kahn Academy, all ages FREE

Problem Solving:

Brain Jump $1.99-4.99

Thinkrolls $2.99

Thinkrolls 2 $2.99

Where’s My Water? FREE

The Foos (programming) FREE

World of Goo, 7-12 yrs. (structure building) $4.99

Zoombinis $4.99