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Week of March 30

Hi 4th Grade Friends and Families! If you ever have any questions, you can send them to me at clare.caddell@schools.hermon.net

Did you know that I can log into Typing.com and see your typing progress and give you good grades for it?

This week continue to spend about 25 minutes in your Typing.com account (link 2 below). Don't forget to click on the blue Student Login button.

Here's our new activity for this week (you can catch up on last week's, too if you need to).

Click on the picture below to get started:

week of march 23

Click on the picture below to get started:


Here's a Typing.com reminder video if it's helpful.

Remember, your username follows this pattern: 

clare.pads       (but that's me, not you!)

Then use your usual password. If you ever forget a password, have someone at home send me a message at clare.caddell@schools.hermon.net

FOSSweb Testing


Lions and Technology Video

       Lions and Technology Response

1. Google Advanced Search

2. Typing.com Student Portal

3. Wacky Web TalesAdd nouns, verbs and adjectives – then read the story you’ve helped create!

4. Money Game

5. Jabberwocky

6. PortaportalEnter your teacher’s username to use all the links at this site!

7. US Map Game

8. Animal World Map

9. Word Central Online Dictionary

10. Vocabulary GamesChoose a topic – choose a level

11. Tumblebooks

12. Typing Practice

13. Save the Mountain Walrus

14. HTML Tutorial Experiment with html code and see the results.

15. Math Baseball

16. Maine TREE Foundation

17. Forest Trees of Maine

18. State Tree Gallery

19. Wonderful World of Trees

20. Forestry Images

21. US Forest Service

22. HawkNational Geographic

23. Broad Winged HawkCornell Lab

24. PopWord

25. Free Rice

26. Verb Viper

27. Word Frog

28. Word Invasion

29. Coconut Vowels

30. Alien Addition

31. Minus Mission

32. Meteor Multiplication

33. Demolition Division

34. Sequencing Fun

35. Have Fun

36. World o’ Words

37. Grammar Crackers

38. Online Computer Quiz

39. Grammar Practice Park

40. Word Sort

41. National Map Viewer from USGS

42. Inference Ahead!

43. Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

44. More Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

45. Inference Battleship

46. The Story Kitchen

47. Scholastic’s Computer Lab Favorites

48. Wacky Word Game

49. Animation Maker

50. Letter Blocks

51. PenguinScience

52. Penguins

53. Vocabulary Spelling City

54. Planets

55. Animation Video

56. More Code Puzzles to Solve

57. Lions and Technology

58. Green Crabs Video 1

59. Green Crabs Video 2

60. Green Crabs Video 3

61. Learn the Skeletal System

62. Word Searcher

63. Regions of the US: Ducksters

64. Regions of the US: US Diplomatic Mission

65. Population Change in US States

66. Five Regions of the US

67.Landform Regions of the US

68. ndustry & Employment, 1990-2013

69. ACA Camp Database

70. Epic!

 71. Prodigygame

72. State Research

73. Attractions of America

74. Family Days Out

75. Tinkercad

76. Salt #1

77. Salt #2

78. Role Model Choices

79. Chibitronics Code Editor

80. How to Cite Web Pages (and more!)

81. A 12-year old App Developer

Response to App Developer video

82. My Invention that Made Peace with Lions

     (Warning: includes sad picture of dead cow; reading along with subtitles   would be a good idea)

    Response to Lion video

83. Science is for Everyone

      (you can skip the first 6:00 minutes of this video)

     Response to Science is for Everyone video