2nd Grade Links

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Week of June 1


Can you make a personal connection to the video below?

What's the most important thing this SuperHero does?

Try to answer the last question they ask in this video...

Here's a new way to think about being Responsible ;

can you see the connections between these rings?

It's easy to text...but is it easy to communicate?

Why do all the friends read the messages in different ways?

You've done all these 4 things with tech devices ~

But did you know these 4 words? They're good to know, 

and good to use! Watch the video below:

If you had $10,000.00 back in 1983, you could buy this computer for your home. It had two amazing new features: a screen and a mouse!

Watch this Video:

Remember Seed Ball?

Is sequencing important

in this game? What if you 

skipped a step?

Now you can decide how to 

sequence and program the Bee-Bot:

(change to a different mat to add to the fun)

Do you think you'd be using a computer right without Grace and her amazing ideas?

More about Bugs:

After you watch the video above, try some

CODE games:

Who should get a Hawk wing 

in the video below?

I know you can do something this week to earn

a virtual Hawk Wing!

Click on the Crazy Keyboard 

To see more typing choices:

Hi Second Grade Friends and Families! If you have any questions for me, please send them to clare.caddell@schools.hermon.net

Epic Books Onlin

Math Apps and More:


1. XTRA Math

2. AAA Math

3. ICT Math

4. Math Challenge

5. Cool Math 4 Kids

6. Hooda Math

7. Daily Tumblebook ◊

8. Follow A Researcher: from UMaine

9. The Arctic

10. Rainforests

11. Rainforests

12. Rainforests

13. Coral Reefs

14. Coral Reefs

15. Starfall ◊
Reading activities

16. The Cyber-Five

17. Snowflake Bentley

a. Video 1

b. Video 2

c. Activity

d. Timeline Tool

e. Snowflake Generator Tool

18. Journey North

18a. Hummingbird Habitat and Range Map

18b. Hummingbird Slide Show

18c. Frog Facts page

18d. Puffin Cams

19. Ocean Animal Links
from Enchanted Learning Dictionary

20. Monarch Life Cycle
Journey North slide show

21. Tumblebooks

22. Journey North Creature Quiz
Can you identify these sights and sounds of spring?
23. Grammar Practice Park ◊
Sentence types, nouns, pronouns, verbs and plurals

24. Word Build & Bank ◊

25. More Endangered Animals
From Enchanted Learning

26. Children’s Storybooks Online ◊

27. Dinosaur Choices
Scroll down for all your choices!

28. Helpful Devices

29. Picture Match ◊

Beginning, short and long vowel sounds

30. Word Wizard ◊

31. Penguin Facts

    Online Stories

32. Readquarium

33. Storyline Online

34. Verb Viper ◊

Feed the right verb to the viper by clicking on his head

35. Word Frog ◊

Find the antonyms, synonyms and homonyms

36. Word Invasion ◊

Identify these parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions

37. Coconut Vowels ◊

Match the vowel combinations to the coconuts before they reach the beach

38. Alien Addition

39. Minus Mission

40. Have More Fun ◊

Phonics activities

41. Sequencing Fun ◊

42. Word Family Sort ◊

Short vowel sounds

43. Homophones ◊

44. Similes: Animal Crossword puzzle ◊

45. Free Rice ◊

Games that make a difference!

46. Word Sort ◊

47. Inventors (Enchanted Learning/Zoom School)

48. Inventions (Fact Monster)

49. Wacky Word Game ◊

from writingfix.com

50. Amazing Words Activities

Click on the 2nd Grade folder

51. Adjective Word Search ◊

52. Froggie MadLib #1 ◊

53. Froggie MadLib #2 ◊

54. Tumbletown Tales

55. Digital Citizenship

56. Chess for Two Players

57. Writing Spider ◊

58. Clicky’s videos from Netsmartz

59. Vocabulary Spelling City ◊

select free games in the left column

    Penguin Links

60 a. Baby Penguins Video

60 b. Emperor Penguins in Winter

61. Animal Videos to Evaluate

V1 a. Baby Giraffe

b. Giraffes

V2 a. Tiger Cub

b. Bronx Zoo Tigers

V3. a. Baby Deer

b. New Born Deer

62. Jack o’ Lantern sequencing ◊

63. Gingerbread sequencing ◊

64. Months of the Year

65. Numbers

66. Inventions

67. Holidays

68. ABC order ◊

69. Another ABC order ◊

70. Phone Book ABC order ◊

71. Snakes and Ladders ◊

72. The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs

73. Timeline Tool

74. Room Recess Activities

Bamboozle Game Link: Test