Hermon High School Library

The Library is Closed to the Public Until Further Notice

Dear Students:

This is Ms. Schwartz. I am still available to help you with homework, research, and passwords. I will have a virtual library at home. For now my hours follow my school schedule: 7am to 2:45. Please contact me at kara.schwartz@schools.hermon.net.

Also, if you need phone or video conferencing; please inform me, and we can set that up as well!

Thank you!

Ms. Kara Schwartz

The Library is Open from 7am to 4pm during the week when school is in session. From 2:15 until 4 pm the Library is open to the communities of Hermon, Levant, and Carmel. For information about the library, please call (207) 848-4094 or 848-4000 ex. 1156