New Information

Important information on the schedule for the end of the 2019-20 School Year:

1. The last day of school for students will be Friday, June 12th. I will request a waiver
for four (4) student days from the Commissioner of Education, bringing the total number
of student days to 171.

2. The last day of school for seniors will be Friday, June 5th. This is a difference of five
(5) days from the rest of our students, which is the maximum difference allowed.

3. The last day to assign new learning for seniors would be Monday, June 1st
and for all other students, Friday June 5th.

4. During the week of June 8th, teachers will focus on assisting students with make-up work
and closing activities.

5. All teaching staff will be involved in professional development and planning
activities from June 15th through June 18th:

a. The professional development will focus on the implementation of a robust online
learning management system called Schoology.

b. Planning activities will include vertical team discussions on ensuring a smooth
transition for students to the next grade level and identifying curriculum missed
this spring that will need attention in the fall.

c. School administrators, in collaboration with Curriculum Coordinator Melissa
Davis and school leadership teams, will customize the work to best fit the needs
of their grade span.

6. Building administrators and their leadership teams will develop plans for the safe return
of all student school materials including textbooks, laptops, and other items. At the same
time, students will be allowed to pick up and take home any personal items still stored at

7. Building administrators and their leadership teams will develop plans for end of year
activities such as step up day, awards/recognition assemblies, and graduation.

8. All End of Year activities must follow the parameters set by the Governor’s Order
and the recommendations of the CDC and Commissioner of Education Pender

Gary J. Gonyar